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Show your support by letting your elected representatives know how important this project is. You can find your representatives and their contact information here:

“Who Represents Me” at MN Legislature

Below is a sample message. You can copy and paste as is, or use it as a start for your personalized phone or email message.

Dear Governor/Representative/Congressman/woman/Senator___________________

I am writing to you today to urge your support for the Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail.

The potential to complete this missing link by connecting the SOO-Line Trail to Crow Wing State Park creating a seamless trail connection across the heart of the state, is an exciting one for Minnesota. It will create a one-of-a-kind trail network several hundred miles long and establish Minnesota as a national and international destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail will be the centerpiece of a compete, seamless trail network that will allow bicyclists, runners, walkers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, snowmobilers, and ATV enthusiasts to safely connect to communities and natural areas across Minnesota.

The complete Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail will provide tremendous tourism, economic development, and public health benefits to communities and to the public. Local residents will benefit from a safe trail to exercise on.

I support the connection of the SOO-Line Trail into Crow Wing State Park, commend its economic, natural, and health benefits, and respectfully urge you to move with all due haste in completing Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail.

Sincerely yours,